Better for you—Better for Nature

Let’s make it better together.

Our heart beats for circularity in every aspect of our brand. Better for you, better for nature is an initiative that grows from a green mindset at our in-house design hub to bring you styles made with extra attention to the environment. Following five principles, we make informed choices about the way we produce and the way you wear and care for your garments.

Trouser specialists since 2008, we are dedicated to taking a more conscious approach to design together with our partners and, not least, you—because better is something we become together. To that end, we have created a capsule of pure linen styles made with even more respect for nature and the human body.

Did you know..? Much like the true meaning behind the word, our design ‘hub’ is the centre of our activities on circularity.



Love comes naturally with linen.

Our love for nature led us to create something little bit better
for both people and planet. Looking to what women want,
the result is a new linen capsule that is more natural, more
comfortable and with more room to move and breathe.

Profiling two designs in timeless silhouettes, each is cut from
pure linen with no synthetic stretch. Set on a tie waistband for
added comfort and flexibility, they are shaped to suit multiple
body shapes. We love them—and we know you will, too.


Linen is not just linen.

Our linen capsule collection is crafted in pure linen sourced from the Belgian family-run company, Libeco. Using skills and knowledge passed through five generations, flax is spun into long fibres and woven into long-lasting, high-quality fabric that is soft against the skin.

Flax, the plant used to make linen, grows quickly and requires less water than cotton. Linen is hypoallergenic and biodegradable and its surface has a smooth, slub texture that lends the cloth its natural appeal. Particularly suited for wear in warmer weather, linen naturally transfers heat and wicks away moisture.

Did you know..? The flax plant with its pretty blue flowers has many uses. The seeds are used for food and oil, while the fibres are spun into rope and fabric.


five units

Better for you—Better for nature


Meaningful choices make for a better future.

It is the choices we make here and now that matter. Our linen capsule collection is made to the highest standards of production and craftsmanship, embracing the female form while minimising environmental impact.

Natural and renewable fibres Made from pure linen derived from the flax plant, a renewable source that grows in Europe. 

No synthetic stretch
Unlike other fabrics, the linen used in our capsule collection does not contain synthetic stretch such as elastane or Lycra.

Crafted for comfort
Made with maximum comfort in mind, our linen styles take you effortlessly from day to night.

Designed for body diversity
The carefully tailored designs are cut to fit and flatter a wide range of body shapes.


Made in Europe
The linen used to make our capsule collection is sourced from the Belgian supplier, Libeco. The styles are cut and crafted in Lithuania. 

from one goddess to another

The legend of Holda and Perchta.

The trousers in our linen capsule take their names from two female figures in Germanic folklore. Perchta, meaning bright one, and Holda, meaning gracious and friendly, and who is said to have taught the craft of spinning linen from flax.

We hope that modern day women will love wearing our linen trousers. 

Did you know..? Linen is the oldest known textile produced by man. Ancient Egyptians believed linen to be a symbol of light and purity. The so-called fabric of kings was used in mummification and even as a form of currency.

One fabric, two forms


Tapered from the knee and cropped at the ankle, Holda sits slightly loose around the thighs for comfort. The mid-waist style sits just above the hips and is finished with an adjustable tie.

Made from pure linen.

Better for you, better for nature.


Perchta is cut to sit high on the waist in a flattering, wide-leg silhouette. Softly tailored with pleats, the style works equally well at work as it does at the weekend. An adjustable tie waistband adds flexibility and comfort.

Made from pure linen.

Better for you, better for nature.


Attention to every detail.

It’s not just the trousers in our capsule collection that are created with circularity in mind: the entire process – from the linen to the labels – is made carefully and thoughtfully.

  • Hangtags in handmade paper feature a beautiful art print from Papirværk, produced in Denmark and crafted with care

  •  The tote bag packaging in pure organic cotton is printed with a flax plant motif.

  • Small art postcards are printed on recycled paper.



Where to buy.

The limited-edition linen capsule is available only at selected stores. Find your nearest store here:

Did you know..? The name linen derives from the Latin name for the flax plant, linum.

Let's move towards better. Together.