Better for you—Better for Nature

Are you in for better?

With a heart that beats for recycling and keeping materials in a biological cycle, we've created a 'hub'. Here we nurture circular products—from trousers to services—made with even more respect for Nature and the human body than our other trousers. Our first launch is a 100 % linen capsule. Hang on to see it.

'Better for you—Better for Nature' sums up the spirit of our hub; As trousers specialists since 2008 taking a black production through a green transformation, we are dedicated to moving towards better—not overnight, but step by step in companionship with our suppliers, retailers and users. Because better is something we become together.

Fun fact: Did you know that a hub means the central part of something circular—like the centre of your bike's wheels?

capsule launch

100 % linen love

We set out to create something better out of love for Nature, asking ourselves what women want? Something more natural and less synthetic? Without stretch but still comfortable? With room for different body shapes and room to breathe?

This capsule holds the answers: Two silhouettes in 100 % linen—with an adjustable string at the waist. Made from natural and renewable fibres with no synthetic stretch. Crafted for maximum comfort, designed for body diversity and produced in Europe for full transparency.

We love it—and we hope you'll too.

long fibres for the better

Linen is not just linen

This capsule is made of pure Belgian Libeco linen. It's a story of passion and craftsmanship from generation to generation, flax field to fibre, and yarn to weaving. The high-quality fabric is made from long fibres providing a firm, smooth yarn and extended durability.

Linen is based on natural fibres that grow quickly and use less water than cotton. It naturally transfers heat, wicks moisture, and is suitable for warmer weather. It tends to wrinkle, and the fibres have natural slubs in the yarn—all parts of its natural charm.

Blooming fact: When the Flax plant is turned into fabric, it becomes linen. Flax has lovely, sky-blue flowers and can beautify any place it may be sown.

five units

Better for you - Better for nature

5 principles for the better

Our choices, our future

It's our choices here and now that count. So, please know that this linen capsule holds a specialist level of craftsmanship, finishing, and details as any of our trousers—and on top of that, five principles to embrace the female body and minimize environmental impacts:

  • Natural and renewable fibres
    The capsule is made from 100 % linen, a plant-based material. The Flax plant is easily renewable and grows in Europe.

  • No synthetic stretch
    Unlike most of our other qualities, no synthetic elastane has been added to this linen fabric.

  • Crafted for maximum comfort
    As specialists, we've worked with additional ease in the capsule's fits to ensure comfort all day.

  • Designed for body diversity
    The capsule's fits are flexible, as the design includes a string to adjust the waist according to body shape.

  • Transparent European production
    The linen is from our Belgian supplier Libeco, and the trousers are sewn in Lithuania by our supplier First Priority. 
from one goddess to another

The story behind Holda and Perchta

We've respectfully named the trousers in this linen capsule after two goddesses. In Germanic mythology, the goddesses Holda and Perchta were known for overseeing spinning and weaving. Holda is even said to be the first who taught humans how to grow, spin and weave the beautiful blue flax plant into linen cloth. 

We hope today's goddesses will love wearing these linen trousers. Keep reading to explore the silhouettes.

Symbolic fact: Linen is considered the symbol of light, purity, beauty, and wealth.

Two silhouettes—which is better for you?


'Holda' are tapered-fit trousers with more width around the thighs and a more snug feel around the calves. Being mid-waisted, we shaped them to rest on your hips and end at your ankles to elegantly define your legs. You can tighten and loosen 'Holda' with the waistbrand string to support your body throughout your day for an effortless feel.

Crafted from 100 % linen.
Better for you—Better for Nature.


'Perchta' are wide-straight-fit trousers with wide, beautiful, flowy legs and pleats for a formal look. Being high-waisted, we shaped them to sit close to your waist, hips, and nothing else. You can tighten and loosen 'Perchta' with the waistband string to support your body throughout your day for an effortless feel.

Crafted from 100 % linen.
Better for you—Better for Nature.

Circular stories

A universe of messages

As the 100 % linen capsule is created from a circular mindset, so is the universe around the trousers. Please enjoy:

  • Hangtags made of handmade paper & art print from Papirværk, produced in Denmark and created with care

  • Totebag in 100 % organic cotton with a beautiful flax print

  • Petite art postcards crafted from recycled paper

All made with love and care—spread it where ever you go.

get it, wear it, love it

Where to buy

The linen capsule is limited and only available at selected shops. Please, find the nearest one here:

Dream fact: In today's world, where much is done quickly and efficiently, linen appearing in a dream is said to suggest a slow pace and care, enabling us to appreciate our lives better.

Let's move towards better. Together.