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Trousers for women: find your next pair


Five Units women's trousers form the foundation of your wardrobe, made to be worn day after day. At Five Units, you'll find your favourite pair regardless of the season as we offer the same styles throughout the year, changing only the colours and fabrics. We also add new styles to our growing collection, ensuring you'll always find a pair you love.


Stylish and comfortable trousers for women

Women's trousers are an essential part of every woman's wardrobe. A well-fitting pair can do wonders for your confidence. Whether you're looking for a formal fit or more relaxed look, there's pair to suit you and your needs. As trouser specialists, we pay attention to even the smallest details and know how to get the fit just right.


How to choose trousers to suit your shape

Trousers from Five Units come in a wide range of fits, all with a timeless look to ensure you stay stylish whatever the season. Five Units women's trousers are available in six different fits: comfort-fit, flared-fit, slim-fit, straight-fit, tapered-fit and wide-fit.

Comfort-fit has a relaxed silhouette that's easy to wear. Flared-fit trousers accentuate your hips and thighs and flare out from the knees down. Slim fit is for those who prefer a narrow silhouette without feeling restrictive. Straight-fit trousers are cut in the same width from top to bottom. Five Units tapered-fit trousers for women are inspired by classic menswear styles and are wider at the thighs and narrower from the knee, without being clingy. Wide-fit women's trousers accentuate the waist and hips and have a relaxed shape with voluminous legs.


Learn more about Five Units' different trousers fits with our Five Units Trousers Guide  or use the size chart  to find your size.