Love Letters


Why does loving our trousers matter?

Over the years, we've met so many inspiring people who've touched us with their stories of what our trousers mean to their lives. Some are friends, some work in our collective, and some are our ambassadors.

In our Love Letters, we introduce you to these people and their personal stories.

We share to inspire because, to us, sustainability in the outer world begins in the inner—when people feel safe to be authentic, they unfold in the most change-creating, optimistic and persistent way.

From: Susan, 49

Love Letter No. 1

I'm a mother, I work with technology, and I'm passionate about Scandinavian style and taking street-style photos.

During the day, I bend, stand, sit, and move from one place to another. My trousers from Five Units make me feel comfortable doing all that.

I also like the diversity of styles—baggy, tight, and a little sexy. It helps women express how they feel and adjust throughout the day.

It's about how we treat ourselves and the energy we share.

Susan, 49

From: Natacha, 32

Love Letter No. 2

Five Units has become a part of me. The trousers have been with me for ten years, and I have eight pairs of Angelie in different qualities and colours.

The dark blues are my safe trousers—in them, it feels good to be me. They balance practicality and neatness and make me comfortable when I'm home, cycling and working as a Social Educator.

The best thing about Angelie is that my stomach can't be seen, plus the slim fit and cutlines across the thighs highlight my slender legs.

When I was younger, I always covered myself in wide dresses. Today, the trousers give me the desire to show who I am.

Natacha, 32

From: Anne Marie, 54

Love Letter No. 3

Sometimes when I prepare tomorrow's outfit in the evening, I wake up feeling like something else—but I stick to my Five Units trousers.

They've followed me for a long time and feel like the right choice; may the day be good or less good. The trousers are a feeling that complements and reflects how I support myself from within.

They're a core of safety and security—something that just works and gives me the freedom to experiment physically, mentally and spiritually in new areas.

I can literally walk the way that's mine in these trousers, and I wish for everyone to find their path and keep moving—even if it's just jumping and dancing on the spot, which these trousers are perfect for too.

Anne Marie, 54

From: Louise, 31

Love Letter No. 4

I guess most of us have a thing or two that we pull out of the laundry basket and put on again—that's what I do with trousers that make me feel attractive just as I am.

Like my Clara. They sit tight without tightening, and I sense them without thinking about them. It's a feeling of security, comfort, self-confidence, and charisma which carry me throughout the day.

I live in those trousers and want them in all colours—which is why I love Five Units' sustainable concept, where colours may change, but the style remains.

Being able to hold on to my favourites matters a lot. Imagine if Clara weren't in the collection anymore, and I couldn't get this feeling anymore 

Louise, 31

From: Bastian, 31

Love Letter No. 5

Kevin—you know I'm incredibly vain, and you know I don't like to show it. I want nothing but uncomplicated comfort and a perfect look, and you give me both.

You're so exquisite that I won't hesitate to wear you at work or at a party. You let me do stuff without thinking twice, and I always know that you have my back.

Sometimes I feel awkward in my own body. But you don't know about this feeling—it fades the second I put you on. Some trousers make a terrible day worse. You make it better.

In the past, my vanity led me to wear trousers that look nice but didn't feel good. Now, with you, Kevin, I don't have to choose.

Thank you.

Bastian, 31

Note: Kevin is a legacy trouser.

From: Morten, 33

Love Letter No. 6

Riley—we've been friends for a couple of years now. You're one of the only trousers I wear. We're close. I love how comfortable you make me feel. You fit me just right, and you make me look good.

I really appreciate that.

When we're at work, your anonymity and timeless aesthetic are there for me—like a calm mountain. You know how I like to appear neutral but design clothes that stand out; your untroubled essence helps me achieve that.

You should know that I've tried other trousers. But don't worry—they never make me feel as good as you do. I'm left feeling unpleasant, unsure, vain. It's not nice.

Once upon a time, I was even a slave of trying out new stuff searching for myself—trends, hypes, too-tight clothes, trying to stand out.

Not anymore. I've grown. 

And you're my home now.

Morten, 33

Note: Riley is a legacy trouser.

From: Christoffer, 39

Love Letter No. 7

Arthur—you don't know this, but I used to wear baggy trousers. And not only in my youth, like most guys, but well past that. I sort of drifted through life.

One day, I found myself in a clothing store, ready for something else. I tried a pair of trousers that actually followed the silhouette of my legs. It felt incredible.

That small moment set me off on a journey of discovering myself.

Today, several years later, you've become the trouser. Your perfect fit and stretch, your sophisticated look, how comfortable you feel. When I put you on, I don't have to worry.
I get the confidence to go anywhere, do anything.

You're part of what makes me a man.

I never thought a pair of trousers could change my state of consciousness. I feel like the man who woke up.

Christoffer, 39

From Dianna, 32

Love Letter No. 8

I often wear my Katelyn, and they're my go-to if I don't know what else to wear. They're so easy to use.

Katelyn comes naturally to me—something about them represents who I am. If I could, I'd want them in several colours.

Some of my other trousers do other things for me, but I feel at home with Katelyn. I love how they, being high-waisted, sit on me; how they fit and follow my body seems so natural. They can be annoying, too—being slim fit, they can be tight on my stomach, depending on the day or the time, but that's how it is. I still love them.

Also, they're flexible, neither tight nor loose, don't flutter into the bike, and are never in the way—I don't have to overthink getting dressed. 

If they're too long for me on some days, I fold them up and have them float a little bit. I like to customise my clothes, not being limited or having the garment dictate how I should wear them—and then change a tiny thing to make a big difference.

Sometimes, we feel clothes have expectations of us, that we should fit into them—but I say, expect your clothes to fit you!

Dianna, 32

From Dianna, 32

Love Letter No. 9

'Karen' is high-waisted, has wide, long legs, and is opposite my other favourite, 'Katelyn'. I'm making it more difficult for myself when I wear 'Karen', as they take up more space, and I have to grab my elastic band for my bike ride—but I love her and feel she represents another side of me.

Nothing gets in my way with slim-fit 'Katelyn', and I can move freely. But with 'Karen', nothing sits tight—and I feel I'm not wearing anything, which is liberating.

When I'm in that mode, that other side, which 'Karen' represents, 'Karen's' my go-to. They're so elegant—but have an edge, too, with their expressive pleats on the front. I like that they don't blend in but take up space, make noise, and have a statement. They're here to have fun.

I'm the main character when I wear my other favourite, 'Katelyn', but when I wear 'Karen', they're the main character. Wearing something basic feels good—but wearing something like 'Karen' and embracing my quirky side feels incredible.

Dianna, 32

From: Erik, 36

Love Letter No. 10

Josh is with me through thick and thin.

I feel comfortable and good looking in them, and I wear them when going out too—they carry my look and add a little extra.

Their quality also makes them great travel companions—they don't wrinkle, I trust them, and I don't have to bring an extra pair for the evenings at the hotel like I used to.

When my son was hospitalised for a week, and when I had to pack my bag, I packed two pairs of Josh because I knew I needed a pair of trousers to wear night and day comfortably but not look overly casual. I wore the same pair of trousers around the clock, awake by his side—not something I could do in most other trousers.

Speaking about comfort, they're perfect for playing LEGO on the floor with my kids—right when I get home.

Josh is my favourite pair of trousers—presentable, comfortable, and of a quality I trust through thick and thin.

Erik, 36