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Men’s trousers: Discover the styles in our collection

Our men's trousers are designed for freedom and flexibility, wherever the day takes you. Plain Units trousers for men are cut from long-lasting fabrics developed for comfort and durability.

Men's trousers are an essential part of any man's wardrobe. Plain Units gives you style-assured designs in a wide range of shapes, each crafted with durability and comfort in mind. Suitable for all occasions, you can look and feel good at work, on weekends or more formal occasions.


Essential men's trouser styles for every modern wardrobe

At Plain Units, you can find your favourite men's trousers season after season, as we always have the same styles in our collection. This means you never have to compromise on style, fit or material. In other words, you can confidently and comfortably wear your favourite pair until they are worn out, without fear of not being able to find them again.


The Plain Units collection of men's trousers offers a range of styles and silhouettes named after men who inspire us. From relaxed, tapered-fit trousers cut from soft cotton twill to classic, slim-fit trousers in a twill weave. At Plain Units, you can always find your favourite style.


How to choose the well-fitting trousers. Fit and style guide

Men's trousers from Plain Units come in three different silhouettes: slim fit, straight fit and tapered fit.

Our tailored, slim-fit trousers are narrow through the leg without feeling tight, designed to sit mid-waist and to not hang too low in the crotch. All our trousers come in two lengths so you can find the perfect fit. 

Straight leg trousers are cut in a relaxed fit with the same leg width from top to bottom. The versatile design makes muscular legs look more defined, while slimmer legs are given a more relaxed expression with a soft drape.

Tapered fit trousers are cut slightly wider across the thighs and narrower from the knee to define your frame. Tapered trousers are ideal for men who want room for their thighs and a more structured silhouette.

Discover Plain Units' different fits and find the style that suits you best with our guide, Get to Know our Fits:


High quality men's trousers

At Our Units, we select our fabrics carefully, working closely with our suppliers to ensure the best quality for each pair of trousers, jeans and shorts. Good design leaves you feeling comfortable—and the same applies to high-quality materials.


With Plain Units, you are assured men’s trousers of lasting quality, made for daily use. We use premium materials and often add stretch to styles for comfort and flexibility.


Our trousers for men are made with fabric, function and comfort in mind. Plain Units offers a wide selection of men's trousers to meet every need. From soft and supple cotton to structured blends, discover our collection of men's trousers here