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Welcome to Plain Units, where we work to make trousers, shorts and jeans you'll love wearing, encouraging you to embrace who you are—and to take brave steps. Comfortable, classic and quality, you can trust—our trousers are all about you.

Which fit is for you?

Slim fit

Constructed to be slim from top to bottom without being tight and have a form-fitting but sturdy feel.

Straight fit

Constructed to have same width from top to bottom and have a relaxed fit.

Tapered fit

Constructed to be slightly wider at the thighs, narrower at the calves and have a defined silhouette.

Plain Units

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From the people
From the people
Josh is the best pair of trousers I have. They're neat, without giving me the feeling of wearing half a suit, and they're so comfortable to wear that I don't give them thought all day.
— Kristian from Samsø, Denmark
From the people
Arthur is a nice pair of trousers. I can take them almost anywhere. They're not trying to make me look hotter than I am and vice versa. Safe and sound, with a bit of edge. I like that.
— Jesper from Espergærde, Denmark
From the people
Most trousers get replaced by a new model, a new fit, a new cut. It's a hassle. All I want is what I'm used to. Josh stays the same, only changing his appearance. It's like coming home.
— Mads from Copenhagen, Denmark

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