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The details behind our designs

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The details behind our design

Filled with the hallmarks of classic tailoring, our collection of trousers is considered down to the very last detail.

Every cut, seam, pocket, pleat, dart and hem go almost unnoticed to the wearer, but are the result of specialist care and meticulous tailoring skills to create precise fitting trousers you will love to wear, season after season.

From the fabric and the fit to the construction and the function, each pair of trousers undergoes more than 100 different processes to result in a unique piece of design finished by trouser specialists. Discover more about the craft behind our designs. 


Stretch your imagination

Our trousers are tailored to fit a base of body measurements. We understand that these don’t work for everyone so we use elastane in some of our designs to ensure a comfortable, flexible fit that moves with you and flatters your frame.

Some require a little stretch across the hips, others around the thighs. Some like to wear their trousers high on the waist to highlight their curves, while others like them low. Stretch enhances overall comfort, ensures versatile trousers and prevents sagging and bagging in all the wrong places. Not only is stretch a part of a good fit, it’s also supportive, gently holding and lifting the body where it needs it most.

Pockets for possessions

Tucked away inside your trousers, it’s not hard to understand why we take the humble pocket for granted. An important part of trouser functionality, pockets come in many iterations – side, welt, coin, back and cargo to name a few – and we take them as seriously as the rest of our design.

Cut from non-stretch fabric, the Five Units side pocket bags are discreetly integrated into the inside side seam and fly to sit flat against the skin and tuck in the tummy. 

Slanted for easy access, side pockets are sized to hold small belongings such as a phone, a bunch of keys or a wallet, and finished with French seams for a neat look. We adjust the depth of a design’s pockets according to the style.

Behind the scenes

Welt pockets commonly appear on formal trousers but aren’t always functional. Characterised by a narrow opening with welting, they give trousers and shorts a tailored look.

Faux – or false – welt pockets are purely for decoration. Imitating the appearance of functional pockets, they are also used to create a more tailored look. Our faux welt pockets are finished with a small imitation of a pocket bag to provide you with the sensation of a complete design. 

Tailored to you

Our full-length trousers are finished with extra-long hems so that you can adjust the length to fit your legs. Watch the film to learn how to adjust hems and perform basic repairs. You can also order our complimentary sewing kit to get you started.

Inside job

Inner seams and waistbands are trimmed with bias tape for a clean, smooth finish. The binding is cut on the bias—or diagonally—from long tapes of fabric. Cutting diagonally on the grain line of the fabric makes the tape more flexible than when cutting straight, perfect for providing comfortable and neat seam finishes.

No more slacking

Our waistbands include multiple layers of interlining. This tailoring technique provides structure and stability while enhancing the characteristics of the original material. Besides improving the finish of our trousers, interlining also helps the waistband maintain its shape, preventing stretching, sagging and slipping.

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