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Shop new wide-leg trousers from Five Units.

Discover wide-leg trousers for women that combine style, versatility and comfort for any occasion. Our collection offers a range of wide-leg trousers in timeless colours, materials and patterns. With their loose fit and flattering silhouette, wide-leg trousers are perfect for creating a sophisticated look, day and night.

Experience comfort and elegance in one pair of trousers.

Wide-leg trousers for women deliver a versatile combination of comfort and elegance, making them a favourite in any wardrobe, whether you're heading to work, out with friends or simply relaxing at home. The loose fit ensures comfort and freedom of movement, while the materials used to create our wide-leg trousers for women are elegant, comfortable and breathable.

Easy styling of wide-leg trousers.

Wide-leg trousers have a timeless silhouette that never goes out of style. Whether you want to create a casual everyday look or impress at formal events, our selection of wide-leg trousers allows you to express your personal style in your own way. They can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion, with a simple t-shirt and sneakers or a sharply tailored blazer and heels.

How to choose the right wide-leg trousers.

Choosing the right pair of trousers is crucial for both comfort and style. Our size guide will help you find the best size for your body shape. Consider your body type and how you want to highlight your figure, as well as where and how you'll wear your wide-leg trousers. For a formal event or at work, choose classic black wide-leg trousers, while wide-leg trousers in lightweight fabrics are more suitable for warm summer days. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your trousers, no matter which you choose.