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Explore our collection of flared trousers.

Five Units offers a wide selection of flared trousers for women in different styles, materials and colours, so you can find the perfect pair that suits your body and style. From elegant and versatile flared trousers in black and colourful flares that sit high on the waist for a streamlined look, to flared trousers with a relaxed fit made of lightweight materials perfect for warm days.

Flared trousers make a comeback.

Flared trousers for women have experienced a resurgence in fashion in recent years. Long admired for their timeless and versatile style, they appeal to women who want to highlight their curves while adding personality to their look. Infinitely adaptable, flared trousers provide a smart-casual silhouette that can be styled in many directions, from a bohemian-inspired aesthetic to a more modern look.

Create your own look with flared trousers from Five Units

Flared trousers for women can be styled in countless ways, from elegant and eye-catching to relaxed and sporty. But regardless of the direction you choose, confidence is your most important accessory. Form-fitting tops or T-shirts and shirts tucked into trousers work well with flared trousers as they create balance in your look. A belt accentuates the waist and provides definition, especially if the flared trousers are high-waisted. The length of your flared trousers is also important: they should ideally brush the floor when you're wearing shoes or boots. Flared trousers also pair well with high-heeled shoes as they elongate the legs and create a sleeker silhouette.

Why choose flared trousers from Five Units?

There are many good reasons to choose flared trousers from Five Units. We focus on making trousers from durable, high-quality materials, carefully constructed to maintain their shape, fit and appearance over time. Our flared trousers are comfortable to wear all day and some styles are woven with stretch for even more freedom and flexibility to move comfortably. Our wide variety of flared trousers in different styles, colours and materials allows you to find the style and size that best suits your needs.