How to style leather trousers from Five Units.

Leather trousers can add both elegance and edge to your look, depending on how you style them. From a casual weekend with friends to a night on the town, you can easily adapt the look to the occasion. Pair leather trousers with a t-shirt or sweatshirt and sneakers for a relaxed everyday look with sporty edge. For a more formal event, style leather trousers with a fitted top, a blazer and heels. Leather trousers can also be worn to the office, where they look chic paired with a classic white shirt.

How to care for your leather trousers.

While leather trousers don't require extensive maintenance, it's still important to care for them to preserve their appearance. As leather is a natural material, it only gets better with age, so it's worth investing time and care in maintaining it correctly. Leather trousers do not tolerate water, so avoid washing your leather trousers in the washing machine. If they get dirty, wipe them with a damp cloth wrung out in lukewarm water. You can also care for your leather trousers with leather balm to preserve suppleness and shine while protecting them from drying out. If your leather trousers are very dirty or stained, you can seek professional cleaning. When not in use, store leather trousers in a dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Use a hanger to hang them from the waist to avoid unwanted wrinkles or stretching.

Shop leather trousers for women in a range of designs.

There are many reasons to choose leather trousers for women from Five Units. Designed in the heart of Copenhagen and produced by specialists in India, a country known for its leather craftsmanship tradition, each pair of leather trousers is created with care and respect for the material. With our focus on quality and dedication to style and comfort, our leather trousers are perfect for those looking for timeless elegance. Cut from carefully selected high-quality leather, our leather trousers are soft, supple and comfortable to wear. We prioritise quality and details, giving you leather trousers that are both beautiful and durable. Our collection includes designs suitable for a wide range of tastes and includes tapered, mom-fit leather trousers with a relaxed fit that’s suitable for all body types.