Towards Better

There's more, and there's better

Mother Earth can't keep up if we keep taking too much. When she thrives badly, it mirrors us as human beings—the bigger the imbalance, the bigger the consumption and human polarisation.

Let's focus on everything we agree on and what connects us as human beings. Let's stop nurturing the fear and start spreading love to ourselves, each other, and our life-giving, beautiful earth.

Our Units are responsible for making a positive and healthy impact on people, society, and the planet. And that goes for everyone else too. Doing everything we can to pass on something better—that's the least we can do.

Making better trousers includes lots of 'nos'. 'No' to buying and producing more than we need. 'No' to blindly following new trends, silhouettes and shades every season. 'No' to making ourselves smaller, trying to fit in and being untrue to who we are.

We're all individually beautiful when we embrace ourselves. That's a big 'YES' to feeling connected, seeing each other as we are, shining our light and sharing our love. It means caring for our employees, our partners, our trousers, the ones who wear them, and everyone we meet along the way.

Better is something we become together.

Let’s take one step at a time.

Towards better

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