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Let's make an effort together

Let's make an effort together

Doing our best is caring

Our ambassador, Thomas Rode, says it better than we could:

I like that you see things from a deeper perspective, think about the state of things, and constructively think about durability, recycling, and repair—like not including a spare button in the trousers when people rarely use them. It's a small but well-thought detail—a call to being conscious. And I appreciate that.

Join us in doing our best.

The truth about recycled denim

It’s easy to believe that the recycled cotton used in our denim comes from used textiles.

How ever, the technology is not that evolved yet; The recycled cotton is made from scraps that our supplier collects from the cutting process at the factory.

This way, new fabrics that would have ended as waste are carefully shredded back into fibers and re-used for new yarns.


All our denim is made with recycled cotton content, water-saving methods, and love. All of it results from brave people’s effort to cause less environmental impact–from our designers and suppliers to you.

New standards for materials 

Certified design

This spring, we launch our first trouser designs for men and women that carry the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) certifications, both of which verify the recycled materials and track it from the source to the final products.

Our Units works towards a circular future and the launch of certified designs for men and women is just one part of our commitment to a better future. Discover the products here

The story of the seal

You used to find our brand name printed on the small seal closing the string with the hangtag. Sorry, we didn't know better. It turns out that the most valuable recycled polyester has no colour print.

Now we keep our seals clear and white – ready to be recycled with materials of the same colour value. 

For this story to end in a planet-friendly way, we need you to become part of it: When buying new trousers from us, please cut off the seal and sort it with your plastic waste.

Why your trousers are full of messages

We could write so much about the effort, crafts, and love we put into every pair of trousers. But care labels are tiny and mostly filled with the information we must give you by law.

So we've sewed in a couple of extra labels. Just to send you and the trousers extra love and energy.

And yes, there is also a message on what to do, if you stop wearing the trousers one day.

Love all along the way.

Why missing buttons are for the better

Most of us remember that extra button following along with a piece of clothes. We just can’t remember where we put it or which button belongs to which shirt, jacket or trousers. Now that’s wasting good resources. Let’s do better together. 

We make an effort to sew each button tight on the trousers and always have similar buttons in stock. Therefore, no worries if one falls off or gets lost. All you have to do is e-mail us the style name of your trousers and your address, and a new button including needle and matching thread is on its way.

Wash less, keep longer

Laundry guide

How to wash your trousers, so they last and look good.

Every wash takes a tiny toll on our planet—and on your trousers. Often, your precious legwear is better without a ride in the washer. Here are our best five tips for washing your trousers, so they last and look good.

Wash only when needed

If your trousers don't smell or have stains, they're good to go. If you want to freshen them up without a wash, you can hang them outside, steam or iron them.

Wash at low temperatures

If your trousers smell or have stains, wash them at or below the temperature in the care label, depending on how dirty they are.

Prepare your trousers to protect them

Before washing, empty the pockets, close the buttons and zippers and unfold the folds so nothing gets stuck, damaged, or ripped off. The first one's a bit obvious, but who hasn't forgotten a thing or two in their pockets before?

Wash with similar colours—and qualities

Once upon a time, a very pink sock found itself in a washing machine with a bunch of very white clothes... You probably know how it ends. Have you heard the story about a pair of rough jeans and a pair of fine trousers walking into a washer? It got a bit wild, and as the jeans put it, 'well, you should have seen the other guy!'. Your trousers like to be washed with similar colours—and qualities.

Wash outside out

Have you also been told that you're supposed to wash inside out? Unless your trousers have unusual details like exposed zippers or ruff rivets, you actually don't have to.

We hope you found our laundry guide helpful.

As a bonus, here's how to remove stubborn stains: See if you can find a stain remover pin made of coconut oil and soapberry extract. It's the best way we know to remove stains effectively—and environmentally gently.

Let's move towards better. Together.