We're here to make trousers you'll love wearing—supporting you in shining from your essence
As trouser makers, we know it takes a human to bring each pair to life. So, we're here to make trousers you'll love wearing—and that support you in shining from your essence.

When you feel comfortable as yourself, you open your heart and make the world a better place. To us, it's all connected, just as we are to each other and nature.

So, as you put on a pair of our trousers for the first time, we hope you'll feel that comfort for which we design. And as you start wearing them, we hope their quality will make you trust them in every moment of your life. And if you try on another pair in the future, we hope our consistency, year after year, trouser after trouser, will make you feel at home.

Begin your journey here, and discover a world of trousers, shorts or jeans that we hope you'll love wearing.

Let's embrace who we are—and take brave steps. Together.

With ease, love, and understanding,

Five Units