making trousers with a purpose

Trouser makers

Trouser makers

For us, making a proper pair of trousers is all about people.

By genuinely understanding the wearer, our partners, and everyone we meet, we create garments people love wearing.

So, that's it. We make trousers—long ones and short ones. Always have and always will.

As specialists, we know the workflow inside out, the techniques, tiny details and how to get the fit right—and we cooperate closely with partners, factories, and product makers to make what you'll end up wearing the best it can be.

As you put on a pair of our trousers for the first time, we hope you'll feel that comfort for which we design. And as you start wearing them again and again, we hope their quality will make you trust them in every moment of your life. And if you try on another pair in the future, we hope our consistency, year after year, trouser after trouser, will make you feel at home.

And most of all, we hope our trousers encourage you to embrace who you are—and to take brave steps.

With ease, love & understanding,

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When you feel comfortable, being yourself becomes much easier. We want our trousers to be so effortless they encourage you to embrace yourself as you are—and take brave steps.

Making a pair of trousers that lets you work, relax, play, inspire, lead, follow, laugh, cry, roar, rebel, retreat, protect, love, and be true to who you are, might seem like magic.

But not really. Instead, it's a matter of striking a balance between a comfortable fabric, a precise shape and versatile looks that make it easy for you to wear them with whatever you have already.


When you have trust, it's easier to unfold your essence. We intend for the quality of our trousers, wear upon wear, to be trustworthy in every moment of your life.

We begin crafting the best trousers we can by searching for a fabric and a fabricating process to match. Upon nailing that combination, we experiment, test and iterate until we've made a material ready for your life.

On the one hand, quality is a matter of physical durability. On the other hand, it's a matter of aesthetic longevity, and we intend for our trousers to stay appealing to you across time, trends and seasons.


By caring deeply about fit and craftsmanship, keeping favourites around for many seasons, and continuously improving them, we strive to make you feel at home in our trousers, year after year, trouser to trouser.

And by using familiar fabrics across our entire collection of fits, you'll get to choose the aesthetic you like—in a fit you know, trust and love.