A trip to Norway—better than culture books and product sheets

What was the catch, as our entire company went to Norway to explore nature, our roots, culture, new sides of each other, and our trousers?

Imagine going on a trip with people you've never met and facing physical challenges, such as doing yoga. For the first time. Side by side with the chairman of the board. Or racing a bike through the mud. Uphill. In the Norwegian woods. With one of the company owners ahead. Far ahead. And yet feeling comfortable, accepted and part of the team.

That is how Rikke Høholdt Noesgaard describes being pre-onboarded on a trip to Norway a couple of weeks before starting as our new Sales Planner. We've never onboarded anybody 'the trip way' before, and Rikke's reflections on our culture and products ignited us to share our beliefs. 

What comes naturally often doesn't feel like anything special—but it makes an impression nonetheless. So, here you go. Be inspired. Touch people's hearts.  

A trip to Norway 2

7 ways to create belonging and foster the courage to be oneself:

Let's have people, not just business, at the core of everything we do.

    Let's create togetherness by bringing people together in all situations and places.
      Let's go with a purpose and values that allow us to be work-related without feeling at work.
        Let's show up as we are, and others will show who they are.
          Let's engage others in our culture, products, owners and employees by mixing it all up magically.
            Let's make the family feeling flourish by taking on a trip arranged from the bottom of our hearts—like our Norwegian co-owner Frode Strømman did in Lillesand.

              Let's strengthen our relationships and ability to deal with conflicts in day-to-day work by exploring our limits together and getting to know each other as whole people. 

              A trip to Norway 1

              That said, we do have a culture book

              We value it and are about to create another one. Looking back at where we come from is essential to understanding where we are heading and why. Our culture books help us remember and show all the brave steps we have taken over the years as we get better and better at embracing who we are. As organisation, trouser makers, change makers, colleagues, and people

              It all comes down to this

              Don't tell it, don't show it. Live it. It goes for our products, too. Nothing tops people wearing our trousers just because they love it—no matter where they go.

              The trip was indeed work-related though being away from work: Seeing our trousers in use and each other as whole people while expanding our comfort zone is living our purpose. It will for sure pay off in our everyday teamwork. (Rikke Høholdt Noesgaard)

               A trip to Norway 3


              Feel like trying the trousers we wore on the trip?

              Styles from Five Units: Malou and Clara

              Malou Dark Sand
              Clara Truffle Melange


              Styles from Plain Units: Jacob and Oscar

              Jacob River Blue Vintage
              Oscar Dark Sand