How to handle your trousers when energy prices are sky-high

The rising energy prices make us aware of how much energy we consume, not the least when washing and drying our trousers. Apart from doing the laundry at low kilowatt prices, here're five energy-saving tips from us to you. 


1. Check if a wash is needed.

Many unconsciously wash their trousers after wearing them once or twice—without checking if it is needed. Do your trousers smell or have stains? If not, they're good to go. 


2. Fresh up for free. 

To freshen up your trousers, hang them outside, iron them or steam them (hanging them in the bathroom when showering has the same effect as steaming).


3. Remove spots by hand.  

Often a little love from you and regular washing-up liquid is enough to remove stains: Dab the stain, leave the trousers overnight, and rinse with cold water.


4. When the washing machine is a must, do this.

Wash your trousers at 30°C instead of 40°C. That shortens the washing time and saves energy.


5. Tumble less, air dry more.

The clothesline is not ideal when cold and humid outside, but a trouser hanger is. With its two clamps, the hanger lets the trousers air dry almost everywhere inside and can be hung directly in the wardrobe afterwards.


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