Circular trousers – is that even a thing?

During Copenhagen Fashion Week in August 2022, Our Units was part of Circular Fashion & Textile Days as one of 40+ Danish brands, all selected for taking big and small steps towards circularity.

Circular Fashion & Textile Days exist to share knowledge and build a community anchored on the Circular Economy, illustrated by examples to inspire and influence our industry. Our host was Lifestyle & Design Cluster, cooperating with Copenhagen International Fashion Fair. Here are some takeaways and our take on creating changes towards circularity through our trousers. 

Our Units at CIFF


"First and foremost, we must make trousers that people love to wear – we are not making trousers for the fashion industry, but to embrace the lives and bodies out there. Our goals go beyond selling trousers; we want to do good for people and the planet. But we can't do this alone." (Kamilla Gitter, our Heart of Impact)

How we work on circularity

Our Units was founded in 2008, and our trousers were not born green. A couple of years ago, we started adapting our business to embrace elements of circularity.

With the ambition to create trousers that people love to wear and take co-responsibility for the trousers’ entire life, we focus on durable materials, design for longevity, and user engagement in product improvements and assortment. 

We want to secure a match when purchasing to motivate prolonged usage and maintenance. Also, our online community inspires users to care for their trousers, giving them the possibility to order free repair kits, send in trousers for repair and send back worn-out trousers. Furthermore, we have replaced the individual plastic garment bags with paper wrapping.

Our holistic approach to circularity also includes a closer relationship with retailers, suppliers, and opinion makers to engage the entire ecosystem to move towards a more responsible clothing industry.


Our Units at CIFF


To us, sustainability in the outer world begins in the inner: Being the trouser specialists behind Five Units and Plain Units, we create trousers to make a positive impact on people and planet. We encourage everyone we meet on our way to take brave steps towards a better balance in life and the world. 


Circular Economy in short

The idea of circular economy is about decoupling economic growth from increasing material consumption. To keep materials and resources in closed circuits for the benefit of the environment and society. The circular conversion is based on three principles, driven by design:

    1. Eliminate waste and pollution
    2. Circulate products and materials to keep them in use
    3. Restore natural systems to regenerate nature

The change opens new opportunities for trade and job creation, contributes to reducing climate impacts and makes savings in both resources and costs possible. 


"The circular economy will help us decouple economic growth from resource use, protecting Europe's natural resources while boosting sustainable growth." (The European Commission - Environment)


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