Plain Units

Love Letters


Can we love a pair of trousers?

Trousers. They're there for us, on our legs, every day, through thick and thin, wash after wash. 

But what do trousers we love mean to us—and how we live our lives?

At Our Units, we get feedback, reflections and touching testimonials from people worldwide, by e-mail, on calls, through social media and face-to-face—and it always moves us when our work makes a difference.

See how trousers have made a difference in these people's lives.

From: Bastian, 31

Love Letter No. 5

Kevin—you know I'm incredibly vain, and you know I don't like to show it. I want nothing but uncomplicated comfort and a perfect look, and you give me both.

You're so exquisite that I won't hesitate to wear you at work or at a party. You let me do stuff without thinking twice, and I always know that you have my back.

Sometimes I feel awkward in my own body. But you don't know about this feeling—it fades the second I put you on. Some trousers make a terrible day worse. You make it better.

In the past, my vanity led me to wear trousers that look nice but didn't feel good. Now, with you, Kevin, I don't have to choose.

Thank you.

Bastian, 31

Note: Kevin is a legacy trouser.

From: Morten, 33

Love Letter No. 6

Riley—we've been friends for a couple of years now. You're one of the only trousers I wear. We're close. I love how comfortable you make me feel. You fit me just right, and you make me look good.

I really appreciate that.

When we're at work, your anonymity and timeless aesthetic are there for me—like a calm mountain. You know how I like to appear neutral but design clothes that stand out; your untroubled essence helps me achieve that.

You should know that I've tried other trousers. But don't worry—they never make me feel as good as you do. I'm left feeling unpleasant, unsure, vain. It's not nice.

Once upon a time, I was even a slave of trying out new stuff searching for myself—trends, hypes, too-tight clothes, trying to stand out.

Not anymore. I've grown. 

And you're my home now.

Morten, 33

Note: Riley is a legacy trouser.

From: Christoffer, 39

Love Letter No. 7

Arthur—you don't know this, but I used to wear baggy trousers. And not only in my youth, like most guys, but well past that. I sort of drifted through life.

One day, I found myself in a clothing store, ready for something else. I tried a pair of trousers that actually followed the silhouette of my legs. It felt incredible.

That small moment set me off on a journey of discovering myself.

Today, several years later, you've become the trouser. Your perfect fit and stretch, your sophisticated look, how comfortable you feel. When I put you on, I don't have to worry.
I get the confidence to go anywhere, do anything.

You're part of what makes me a man.

I never thought a pair of trousers could change my state of consciousness. I feel like the man who woke up.

Christoffer, 39