Jesper Søndergård x Plain Units

On inspiring people to find their style—and keeping it real

Jesper Søndergård x Plain Units

On inspiring people to find their style—and keeping it real

Step into the world of personal style with Jesper, a successful content creator. Jesper inspires others to find a style that matches who they are—and more than a million people follow him on social media. Get our ambassador's three styling tips, and see how he wears his favourite trousers. Jesper also talks about his purpose and how it helps him keep it real—even as his popularity grows.

Tony: How do you keep it real as a content creator?

Jesper: It's pretty simple. I love clothing and inspiring others to find their style and figure out what they like. But, if you're not passionate about what you do as a content creator, you'll burn out.

Tony: As you become more successful, do you have to say no more—and does passion keep you from selling out?

Jesper: Yes, I get more offers as I've become more successful. And that's also from brands I don't see myself working with but who offer a lot of money for the partnership. But what's worth more, money here and now or authenticity? For me, it's the latter.

It's not my passion for clothes that keep me from selling out—it's having found my purpose.

Tony: So, your passion grew into a purpose?

Jesper: Yes. Since I was a teenager, I've loved clothing and putting together outfits—so I'd call that passion. Then, some years ago, I discovered two content creators who inspired me to think about my style. 

Tony: And that's when it changed?

Jesper: Yes. And not long after, I created my own platform. Since then, I've wanted to pass on that same inspiration that I got.

Tony: What are your three favourite styling tips?

Jesper: First, find your fit. It's simply being aware of how it looks and feels and trusting your gut. That's it.

Second, keep colour shades neutral. A pair of purple trousers, an orange T-shirt, and a green hat are hard to pull off. But, on the other hand, black trousers, a black T-shirt and a beige jacket...

Third, go by the triple-B rule. Basic and Bold in a Balance. So, if you wear bold, checkered trousers, a basic T-shirt brings it together well.

Tony: How would you style your favourite Plain Units trousers?

Jesper: I'd style my Oscar 285 Black with black boots, a black t-shirt and a black leather jacket. I love those trousers—they're a pair of solid, well-made, straight-fit essentials.

Jesper Søndergård

"It's not my passion for clothes that keeps me from selling out—it's having found my purpose."

Jesper's favourites

Oscar 285 Navy

Oscar 285 are straight-fit trousers crafted from elegant plain-weave fabric in a classic design.

Oscar 769 Sand Linen

Oscar 769 are straight-fit trousers crafted from crisp linen-blend fabric in a casually elegant look.

Jacob 241 Black Vintage

Jacob 241 are classic, five-pocket, slim-fit jeans crafted from mid-weight denim with 20 % recycled cotton and a comfortable stretch.