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Sina Textile

Sina Textile, Izmir, Turkey, established 1993

Specialists: 150 people

Average wage: 327 EUR per month, plus social pension and meaningful gifts, like school kits for their kids

Work hours: 10 hours/day

Breaks: 2 x 10 min. tea breaks and 1 x 40 min. lunch break

Employee incentives: Rewards for bringing new ideas to the table, being efficient, being on time, or for consistently creating high-quality products.

Environmental steps: 60 % of the energy used in the factory comes from solar, and for the past six years, the factory has cut its water- and chemical usage by half.

Last visit: March 2023

Sina Textile is a family-founded, family-owned and family-driven textile business. Founded by Sidika, back then a young mother to Erdem, and five other entrepreneurs in 1993.

Today, Erdem runs the business alongside her mother, who sits with the people in the production daily. Working with textiles has run in the family for generations—and like a textile school, all employees go through every part of the production, from patterning, sampling, packaging, quality control, cutting, and stitching to sewing. Sina is characterised by a culture of openness, communication, craftsmanship, family, and a flat hierarchy.

Coming from a long and broad heritage of making trousers and jeans, from producing all the jeans for the world's most-known jeans brand to today, Sina Textile solely works with smaller brands focusing on smaller production and quality.

Meet Ada

What do you do?
I'm a sewing operator.

As a specialist, what's important to you?
I care about making faultless garments and pleasing our customers.

Why do you love your job?
Well, there are many reasons, among others, my lovely colleagues. But I really love making good things.

Meet Sevda

What do you do? 
I do bartacks—reinforcements on places of high pressure, like belt loops, pocket openings and so on.

As a specialist, what's important to you?
I've always focused on how trousers look on the outside. That's my contribution to the whole.

Why do you love your job?
I love perfecting one thing at a time.

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