Our Units design trousers for a better future.


We aspire to contribute to a circular world, focusing our actions on this principle. This means prioritising the design, production and sale of trousers that people love to wear, season after season. Our vision is for Our Units trousers to never be discarded. 

When your trousers are ready to transition from loved to pre-loved, we will gladly buy them back for resale, breathing new life into unused items. 

Pre-loved is a concept whereby used trousers from Five Units and Plain Units can continue to be worn and cherished for years to come – because that's what they deserve.

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We believe in prolonging the lifespan of unused items, saving valuable resources instead of simply throwing them away. 

Pre-loved lets you trade-in and purchase trousers that are no longer used, contributing to a circular economy.

How does Pre-loved work?

Pre-loved trousers are ranked in three categories to simplify your shopping experience: 'Okay,' 'Good' and 'Like New.' All Pre-loved styles undergo thorough inspection before being offered for resale.


Visibly signs of wear, but in good condition.

A used pair of trousers in this category are worn/slightly worn but still well-maintained. Trousers have visible signs of use, such as minor defects, small stains etc.


Used, but in excellent condition.

A used pair of trousers in this category is only slightly worn and very well-maintained. Trousers display minimal signs of use, including but not limited to very small stains. 

Like New

As good as new

A used pair of trousers in this category has no defects or visible signs of wear and tear.


Trading in trousers in three easy steps:

Select trousers

Select the trousers from Five Units or Plain Units you wish to trade in. Upload an image and tell us about their condition. Once approved, you will receive a notification with a shipping label or code.

Prepare for delivery

Package your trousers and send them to us using the shipping label or code provided. We cover all shipping costs so you can send them hassle free.

Deliver the package

Deliver your package to your nearest drop-off point. Once registered, you will receive a discount code for €34 which you can use on new trousers or pre-loved styles from Our Units.

We accept Plain Units and Five Units trousers purchased after 1 January 2021, provided they are in a wearable condition. Upon approval, you'll receive a €34 discount code for our website, regardless of the condition of the trousers.

Upon receiving your trousers, we quickly make them available for sale in our Pre-loved shop. 

Enjoy complimentary shipping and returns on all Pre-loved purchases. 

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