Searching for light in the darkness

Let's focus on the near and straightforward. Let's find some fun and light energy. Let's feel the love within and between us.

In times of crisis, we seek safe ground, sneak out to hug a three and look to our ancestors for responsible craftsmanship. We consume less and consider our choices more. Turn to veggies and turn off the light. And then, when it becomes too dark, we recall how a little dancing and singing can make our day. 

It's human.

Inspiration Days

Because as we go through troubled times and have to moderate ourselves for a long time, something else happens. We start searching for light in the darkness, and joy becomes a brave decision about how we respond to life.

It's human too.

Inspiration Days

We believe that alongside settling with less, we must allow ourselves to enjoy what is. It's a balance between the simple and the extravagant. The down-to-earth and the visionary. The frugal and what fills life with bubbles of joy. 

That's what our coming trouser collections reflect and what our recent Inspiration Days were all about—our half-yearly meeting with our advisors, sales agents and distributors, who carefully and inspired bring our trousers to the world.

Inspiration Days

No crisis has ever been better by us becoming sadder. So let's spark a light in the dark and practice joy. It's essential to keep our balance—and move towards better.

Joy and energy tips

Move your body
Visit Nature 
Breathe fresh air
Listen to music

What's your finest tip?

It might be stormy, but the birds are still singing if you listen. It's a matter of focus. 
Inge Kindberg, our Heart of Growth


Inspiration Days

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