Inspiration from 4 voices behind our Great Place To Work®

What does it mean to be recognised as one of Denmark's three best workplaces with 20-49 employees? A lot! However, the most touching answers come from the people who made it happen daily. Meet some 'living proofs', Amanda, Erik, Line, and Tony—all inspired by Our Units' unique culture of ease, love & understanding, and our collective purpose: Embrace who you are and take brave steps towards better. 


Our Units GPTW Amanda

"This is a great place to work because we have our eyes on the future and what is needed. We have taken brave steps by changing to a self-managed organisation. It allows for expansion and development as a person—and fosters the courage to take more courageous steps towards what you believe in. Here's a lot of room for people, personal freedom, and the flexibility we all need in our lives."


 Our Units GPTW Erik

"Our Units mean something special to me as a workplace. Here we’re together as people who genuinely care for each other. I also experience that the way we are, our higher purpose and values represent a lot of light and positive energy in our industry—and that it spreads like ripples in the water in the journey towards better."



Our Units GPTW Line

"Reinventing work so we bloom and contribute as whole human beings and do business consciously and purposefully makes my day—day after day. It isn't always pretty and smooth, but it's worth every step along the bumpy road to a world with more love for each other and nature."


 Our Units GPTW Tony

"I love discovering more sides to who I am and being open and playful—and working here for two years has inspired me to feel free to be myself more profoundly than ever."


Thanks to Amanda, Erik, Line, and Tony for sharing their important messages and to every single one of Our Units' employees for being who you are, sharing your valuable contribution day after day. 

Hopefully, we will inspire more and more companies to invite people to come to work as whole human beings and work with a holistic approach to business, where people and the environment are the focus—and love and care are the primary driving forces.


The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.

Poul Valery

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