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There is more, and there is better.

Mother Earth can't keep up if we continue to use more resources than are available, and when she thrives badly, it mirrors us as human beings. The bigger imbalance, the bigger consumption and polarization among us.

We need to focus on everything we agree on and what connects us as human beings and gender.

We need to stop nurturing the fear and start spreading more love to ourselves, each other, and our life-giving earth.

We have a great responsibility to help make a positive and healthy impact on people, society, and the planet as a company. Doing everything we can to pass on something better is the least we can do. That goes for our employees, our partners, our trousers, and everyone who wears them.

Making better trousers includes lots of nos. No to buying more than needed. No to blindly following new trends, silhouettes, and shades every season. No to limiting ourselves to fit in and dressing in ways untrue to who we are.

Fortunately, many people have realized that we are most beautiful when we shine from within and seek to become whole as human beings.

To us, that means a big yes to feel connected, see each other as we truly are, and spread love. In every pair of trousers, every user of the trousers, and everyone we meet on our way.

Better is something we become together.

Let's take one step at a time.

We launch in January 2022

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