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Creative and data-driven thinker who constantly questions the status quo and wants to know ‘why’, and even more often, ‘why not?’. It means a lot to me to be a part of a company based on making a difference. We accommodate people and consciously design trousers that free people from having to adapt. To me, it’s not just a job – it’s making myself available to a community with which I share values.
Head of E-commerce and Marketing


It’s in my genes to give everyone the best possible starting point for an easier everyday life, not least for my colleagues. My strength is my empathy and ability to solve problems, especially those that no one thought could be solved. Finding the right clothes has been a challenge for me for years. I have felt compelled to choose between either comfortable or neat. Wearing Ash or another pair of trousers from Plain Units, I can get both. I feel free, relaxed, and presentable whether I am in an important meeting or the garden with my family. That feeling means I can put my self-awareness on the shelf and use my energy on what I’m passionate about.
Finance Manager




I got welcomed into Our Units not because of what I can do but because of who I am. And now, having been at our company only a few weeks, I already feel part of a tight-knit community. We meet often, sit in a circle, and actually share how we feel. Wow! I’ve worked with customer service for many years. The first two words I think of are patience and friendly communication. But I’m super excited to develop my skills further and live out values of ease, love, and understanding when serving our customers. It makes so much sense to me.
Customer Care


I like to stand for something in this world. Like Naomi 241 Black. With a fit inspired by the 1970s, these trousers represent unconventional thinking, breach of the norm, new movements, and new ways of being human. The reference evokes a feeling of love, equality, and respect in me and a desire to stand up for something bigger than myself. My passion and the meaning behind my work make it easy to do what feels important. I’m not aiming for an A in sustainability, but to keep learning and doing things better for humans and our planet. As a Pattern Designer, I care about our human community by embracing the essence of the many bodies and adjusting the details, until it all comes together. Random choices are not my thing.
Pattern Designer


What would this person appreciate? That’s a question I ask myself in all my relationships, and that’s how I live our brand value ‘understanding’. I’m a salesperson, but most of all I’m a human and the way we run our business by cherishing, helping and understanding each other resonates deep within me. One of my favorite Five Units styles is Hailey, because of its feminine shape and edgy details, whether it’s trousers or people highlighting characteristics always inspires me.
Sales Manager, Five Units, Sweden


For many years I tried to adapt to fashionable clothes. I wanted to be the kind of person who looked that way, and I had shoes with heels so high I couldn’t even walk in them. Now I only hold on to clothes that make me feel like me and express my mood daily. My different trousers from Five Units are my base, they allow me to quickly change my energy and take big steps in life. Every morning it’s like a certain pair of trousers is calling to me, even before I open my wardrobe. In Malou I feel strong, free and a sense of masculine energy, which I balance with something feminine or sporty. Malou follows me everywhere, lying on the couch, running to catch the train, walking in nature and meeting with friends, col- leagues, and board members.
CEO and Co-owner


My energy is lively and positive, I like to move around between people and tasks and spread ease. I’m very conscious of not cultivating the negative and heavy in life and always choose the sweet forest path rather than drilling a tunnel through the mountain. As a Designer, I enjoy the balance between structure and creativity and find it mega cool to make products that are relevant over time are being used. Hailey is one of my personal favorites; Neither too wide nor too narrow and perfectly high at the waist this trouser makes it easy to be me.
Junior designer


I want to build our brand and make it move in a direction true to its core. It is a core that’s in harmony with my personal values, helping men become more conscious of who they are. After being a freelancer for many years, I’m thrilled to be part of a team and learn from people better than myself. I haven’t taken the time to find my favorite Plain Units trousers yet, but I like black, neutral, and comfortable trousers, so I know I’ll find my go-to trousers with ease.
Brand Manager, Plain Units


As a teenager, all my long- legged friends called me Miss Short-legs and I didn’t wear trousers until I became part of Five Units. Hailey was my first trouser-love and led to a challenge, where I wore trousers every day for a year. That changed my view on trousers and myself. I’ve always had self-confidence, but now it comes from a conscious and genuine place in me. I’ve come home – this is me. As a human being, I am full of positive energy and create solutions on one go. Ease runs in my blood, and I love that my job allows me to use my strong energy as well as receive lots of energy from my dear colleagues. From day to day, I choose trousers that match my current energy. It’s magical how my relationship with trousers has changed to something natural and playful.
Brand Manager, Five Units


I’m fresh off the boat, but I already feel at home. There’s an empathic vibe here and a family-like atmosphere. I really enjoy that. I also like the entrepreneurial vibe and the appreciation of cultivating balance in life, which is essential. Before starting here, Our Units’ current transformation and enormous potential attracted me a lot – especially around sustainability. That’s something I’d like to be a part of. I’m yet to discover my favorite Plain Units trouser!


Joining military as a young dude has had a huge impact on who I am today. I haven’t missed breakfast in 15 years, I show up on time and I like keep track of the pieces. That’s probably why my favourite Plain Units trousers are a cargo style with lots of pockets and everything in my car is totally arranged. Today, my routines support me in being present, calm and focusing my energy on what is important to myself and our clients.
Sales Manager, Plain Units, Denmark and Sweden


To me going to the office is like spending a day with my friends. It might look posh, but you feel comfortable – it’s kind of a perfect parallel to how I experience our trousers. You’ll find me in trousers Monday to Friday, preferably jeans which I have learned to cut to angle length myself. I like it raw and casual. I know how my skinny Kate fits, there are no surprises, it's perfect. I really don’t care about fashion, but I do care about what we have together. I feel supported in being me and taking brave steps into new areas. My comfort zone expands in a quiet and calm way, and there’s room for being me all the way.
Sales Coordinator




Our trousers are something you are in – not something you put on. That’s the essence for me. When I’m in my Dena I feel fresh, energetic and on the move. I love the easygoing, fun, and fast, it excites me and brings me joy. At other times I need to recharge, and you might find me sitting a chair staring out the window, while Dena is resting in my wardrobe. Being part of a company that allows me to unite my private and professional life makes me more whole as a woman. Even in challenging times I find peace in our core values. The way we are together.
Head of Sales


I’m a positive and purpose- driven soul, who’s in love with the possibilities, life offers. I care deeply about communication, that gathers colleagues, customers, and partners in meaningful communities. Being part of this company inspires me to spread love, ease, wisdom, and understand- ing. Here my creative energy sprouts easily and flourishes through our team spirit. That leaves an imprint – and leaves me grateful and grounded. Especially my 70s inspired and well-used Naomi jeans rein- force my sense of being calm and conscious present. Free to take the steps important to me, us, and Mother Earth.
Purpose-maker and Copywriter, Five Units


To me jeans like Kate represent something solid and durable – something that gets better with patina and personal touch. Wearing them gives me a sense of being valid and womanly. My legs look longer, and I feel free to take the steps, I want both at work and in my spare time. Creating good and valid products is a main source of energy to me, and as a passionate designer I care about clothing that last, suit humans and make us thrive in our lives. That kind of clothing is just as essential as water, food, and a roof over your head
Senior Designer


Calm, simplistic, and honest – I guess those words describe my approach to life very well. It’s natural for me to bring myself to work as a whole person, not just an employee, and how we support and know each other means the world to me. It makes me feel safe and want to take more chanc- es, learn new stuff, and challenge my routines. For a long time, tight jeans were my one and only, now I love my black Malou. Wearing them I feel relaxed, a little more femi- nine, and dressed according to my age.
Graphic Designer


It’s my job to be detail- oriented, and that’s healthy for a person like me. I want to do so many things in life and isn’t the best to take proper time for it all. One thing is that I know all the trousers in detail, something completely different is the feeling of wearing them; In Alba, I feel safe – it’s like wearing something familiar. There is huge satisfaction in being a part of a company that strives for genuine values and long-lasting products. The responsibility that comes along inspires me.
Pattern Designer Assistant


In my work at Our Units, I write copy, get to know our customers and their emotions, and help build our brand and bring it to market. I find it exciting and fun to build a brand and a company that earns money in harmony with nature – and helps men be who they are. My favorite Plain Units trouser is Ask. I feel I look great in them, both aesthetically and accentuate a feature of my body that I like; my legs. They feel incredibly comfortable; I don’t have to take them off when I get home.
Copywriter, Plain Units




Recently my daughter gave me a card saying how happy she was that I work for a company that appreciates me as the person I am just as much as she does. To be seen and meet people as human beings means the world to me, even in my sales job trousers come second. I simply never bring our collection to the first meeting with a client. Trousers are best when they fit so well that we don’t think about them. That kind of well-being is good for our self-esteem and makes our appearance grounded. Putting on a pair of Malou make me feel that way, safe and ready for the day and the people I’m about to share it with.
Sales Manager, Five Units, Denmark